Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog 4-Panorama

BYU-I Center. 30" f/2.8 ISO 800. Tripod.
I took this panorama in the dark. The only lights on were the green exit lights and tiny red light on the flat screen TV's. I started with the far right picture, then panned my camera left on the tripod and took the center picture, then panned it left again to get the left picture. I opened it up in camera raw and lightened up the image by taking away some shadows and contrast, and then with levels, increased the highlights, mids, and blacks.


  1. Wow, your panorama picture is sweet! Great idea using the tripod, made the lights not all blurred. I really like the colors in it too. You did a nice job with your edit picture too, looks like to me that you did a good job with the adjustments you made. Well done.

  2. Seriously, David, this pano is one of my very favorites, ever! I LOVE the fact that you thought to take it in the dark. It is so different and the colors make the shot. It was fun to read where the colors came from. It just put me right there. I am not sure how you got access, but I am glad you did! Great work, as usual!