Saturday, March 12, 2011

Poster Pics

Leave the ninety and nine.


1. Leave the Nintey and Nine - Rebirth
2. 1/17/11, 2pm, Chester, Idaho. - 2/16/11,12:30am, my apt.
3. Canon 7D, Manuel, 1/80, f/11 - Canon 7D, Manuel, 1/250 w/ 1/16 flash and f/2.8
4. Levels, sats, highlights, blacks, sharpen, hue shifter/saturation for the green in the tree (all in camera Raw) then type and border in photoshop. I also custimized the font with the fx options when you double click the layer and edited the stroke and inner glow. -Levels, midtones, highlights, blacks, sharpen, greyscale (all in camera raw). I then added text in photoshop and once again customized it with a gradient, texture, and stroke using the fx when you double click the text layer.
5. I wanted to use 2 photos that I could and would truly love seeing everyday hung up on my wall. I searched through literally, thousands of photos. After 25 hours of editing and selecting which ones looked best, I came up with these two. I then took another 20 hours to edit them and make them in my eyes, as perfect as possible. I love the messages these photos have and the photographic simplicity of the image. I'm very prayerful about the selecting, photography, and editing process and I felt guided to these images. I had even forgotten entirely about "Leave the 99" until 2 days ago when I woke up and the spirit whisper "leave the ninety and nine" in my ear, after wracking my brain for hours the day previous as to what photo to choose. These photos fullfil my objective with photography, that is, to show the Divine in all things and to spread truth and light to others through my images.
My process involed prayerfully shooting, selecting, and then editing the images. I literally listen to the spirit to know what size font I should use, if something needs to be a little brighter, etc. The spirit knows the truth of all things and knows how my image would look best, I believe if you ask you will recieve, so, I ask. :) I thus give God all the credit for these images as I know they wouldn't have been created (in more ways than one) with Him and His Spirit right there by my side, and step of the way.