Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog 3 Edits

Stairs. I first edited with levels to tweak the blacks and whites. I converted my image to a smart object. Then I chose the Film Grain filter. I tweaked the filter to my liking. I tried many other filters and their options but I didn't like the look they gave me so I just stuck with this one. I saved it as a .psd then as a .jpeg.

Tanae. I first edited the levels to make sure I had a nice solid black for my silhouette. Then I chose an adjustment layer. I chose multiply for my blending type which darkened the picture. I already had Tanae silhouetted before it was darkened but when I used multiply blending, it gave me more color in the sky. Then I used the paint brush with black paint and 20% opacity and lightened up the edges of tanae so she would stand out a little.


  1. The "Stairs" photo is really well done, I love the colors, the lighting, and just the feel of it. I think that seeing the shoes at the bottom of the frame really adds to the shot. It's neat how your eye travels from the darker bottom of the frame to the lighter top of the frame. The silhouette photo was excellent too and I think it really helped that you lightened the edges of your friend just a bit to give a nice glow around the edge of her figure. Very well done with both!

  2. David, these photos are amazing. I love the feeling behind each of the photos. I love the light coming from the bottom of the stairs. It intrigues me and makes me want to find out what is at the bottom. The photo of your Tanae shows a lot of emotion even though it is a silhouette. You have an incredible talent!!!