Monday, January 17, 2011

Blog 2-Blend Edit

1/60 f/2.8

1/60 f/2.8

Chair. Abandoned house in Teton Pass. I used color burn as my blending mode with 28% opacity. 
Dam Panorama. Swan Valley Dam. 1/125 f/13.  I used overlay as my blending mode with 66% opacity. This pictures full size without stretching it at all is 20' by 3' so in order to put it online, the quality had to be shot way down.
I started by adjusting the colors and levels under the adjustment panel for each picture. Then once I had each picture how I liked them individually, I started the blending process. I played around with all the blend types and tried different opacities and chose the one I felt best portrayed what I wanted.

Here's a larger rendering for those intrested.

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