Monday, January 24, 2011

Blog 3-Flora and Fauna

Rabbit. 1/21/11 @ 5pm. Sand Dunes. 1/60 f/2.8. 
Process: When at the sand dunes we we're walking back to the car from an unsuccessful  photo shoot and I ran into the little bunny. I wanted to have the focus be on the tree and all the character that goes with the tree and use the bunny as a highlight. So although I chose the rabbit as my subject, I wanted it to be subtle.

Tree. 1/17/11 @ 2pm. Chester, ID. 1/80 f/11.
I was out driving around with some friends trying to find cool pictures to take when we came along this tree in the middle of a field. It represents the doctrine of The One, as Christ taught us, to leave the ninety and nine and go after the one. I wanted everything in focus, so I used a high f/stop number.

Tree through the Window. 1/17/11 @1pm. Chester, ID. 1/400 f2.8
I found an abandoned house with some friends and like the symbolism of looking through the window into the world. I used a low f/stop because I only wanted the window frame in focus and once again I wanted the tree to be a subtle highlight.


  1. These photos are awesome! I really like that one with the lone tree in the snow. On that one, however, i would have done some editing to it because it feels just a tad blown out. The contrast is great but i feel it is a little bright. I like the composition with the one through the window. Its different. The first one with the tree branches is really cool but i feel there isnt enough contrast in this one. Or maybe its just a lot to look at all at once so maybe if you had just a few branches in focus would really help.

  2. I love your Tree shot, and how your horizon and tree are both dead on the one-third lines! Nice photos. Be sure you show us the before and after photos on your edited images, so we can appreciate your work and compare the original. You have a great eye for composition. Thanks for your willingness to share you excellent knowledge of photographic principles in class.