Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Exploring is something I have loved doing all my life. It use to be curiosity but now it's more than that. It's finding what life has to offer. Experiences, knowledge, positions and perspectives, things you will never know if you don't go find them. Too many times our mind and experiences around us live in a small cubical shaped box. All we ever see are the walls around us. They become natural to us. We get comfortable in the box. But where real learning comes for me, is getting out of the box. Running, leaping, digging out of the box. It doesn't matter how I do it, as long as I do it. For it isn't until we open the door that we can finally see what life really looks like.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


I believe it's more about who takes the picture and not necessarily how expensive your equipment is. So I did a photo shoot with my friend Cassie and all the pictures where taken with my iPhone 4 :)

Website coming soon!

I've been lacking in the posting photo's dept. lately, partly due to the fact that I'm styaing super busy with school. But, I'm also working on my photo website and getting that up and running!So, stay posted for updates :)


The concept of hands has been on my mind for over 2 years, pondering how much good and yet how much bad they do.

I feel conflicted more times than not because of this duality. This photograph shows the fight between dark and light, broken and whole, cold and warm. Having my arms twisted up almost confused as to which way is right. My back turned, ashamed to face what's in front of me.