Monday, February 14, 2011

Blog 6-Edit Borders

Self Portrait. I took this picture in the BYU-I Center bathroom. I loved the symmetry in the mirrors. I edited a burned border into the picture by following the instructions exactly as Sis. Esplin laid out in the book for us under #13. I chose not to add a stroke to my border because I felt like it took away from the photograph.

The Road. I used a flexible vignette to achieve this border. I followed the instructions just as it was laid out in the book and tried a few different colors but I didn't like any of them so I chose to keep it simple and not do anything flashy and just have it be a black vignette.

Water Drops. I chose to do a sprayed edge effect for this photo because I wanted the feel of the photo to match the creative border I was putting on it. I followed the instructions of the book and chose for my sprayed strokes length to be 1 (out of about 20) and the radius to be 25 (out of 25). That way it almost looks like rain drops.


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