Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog 5-Portraits

Justin and Kevin (group picture). 1/60 f/2.8. 2/7/11 1:00am. At my apt.
With the first picture, I wanted to show how simple a portrait can be. All my other photo's are very detailed and more advanced. "Justin and Kevin" shows the simplicity of capturing a moment.

Environmental. 1/160. f/8.0 2/2/11 4:14pm. At the portrait studio on campus. I had 3 external flashes.
"Environmental" is one of my favorites. I composed it with the rule of thirds in the overall picture, as well as using the rule of thirds within the mirror. I kept my eyes covered by the camera and part of my face because I find it symbolic of how we, the photographer, are always taking pictures of others but never seem to get any face time ourself. We're "hidden" behind our camera.

Self Portrait. 20" f/2.8. BYU-I Center. 2/5/11 11:42am. Tripod, 10 sec. shutter delay.
"Self Portrait" came from my curiosity after the case study friday of the guy who took the crazy lighting shot. So I started playing around with doing self portraits of myself, by myself. I love the composition, the lighting, and how I'm "hiding" in the shadow, once again symbolic of the photographer never getting the "light" or recognition they deserve.

Sick Self Portrait. 30" f/2.8. BYU-I Center auditorium. Tripod. 10 sec. shutter delay. On-camera flash.
"Sick Portrait" os just what it sounds like. That whole morning I was doing a photo shoot I was feeling sick. I was taking pictures in the dark so it's not like I knew what my expression looked like. I just took a self portrait sitting down in the auditorium and at first didn't like the photo. But after a little of thought, I realized it's one of the most honest portraits I've probably ever taken. It was me, exactly how I felt in the moment. No acting, gimmicks, or fake smiles.


  1. Holy cow David! I love these! You are getting a lot of cool stuff from the BYU-I Center, I'm jealous.:)The light is always interesting to look at and I especially love how it is casting a haze on you under the exit sign. The composition is great in all of them, especially in the one you set up in the photo lab. I can really relate to it. I really enjoy how real your style of photography is and how all are symbolic to you and us as the viewers.

  2. David, your "Self Portrait" and "Sick Portrait" photos are so... um... well, weird! I LOVE them! I love how different they are. You are very creative and are able to see the world in a different light, literally. I love, love, love the lighting in your "Self Portrait" photo. The green from the exit sign over your head is so awesome. The colors from the equipment really complement each other. It is a very mysterious photo. You look like a secret agent! Great job!