Monday, February 7, 2011

Blog 5-Edits


Taylor. 1/160 f.8.0. 2/2/11 4:30pm. Portrait Studio. 3 External Flashes.
I really liked the picture as it is. So for replacing color I made 2 subtle changes. The first is the left side of his suit coat. In the original it's navy blue, but I felt it would flow better if it was a little more greyish/black. Second, his white tee, I changed to be gray so it wouldn't pop out so much.


Taylor Blemish Edit. 1/160 f/8.0. 4:32pm. 2/2/11. Portrait Studio on campus. 3 External Flashes.
I made the white of his eyes whiter. His eyes lighter. Took away some blemishes on his cheeks.

Match Color Taylor. 1/60 f/8.0 Portrait Studio on campus. 3 External Flashes. 2/2/11 4:35pm
I followed the directions in the book and chose 1 image of taylor that was super bright and over-exposed and then match colored using another photo of him that is properly lit. I love the sepia feels it gives. I changed the hue a little after I matched the colors.

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  1. I really liked what you did with the second edit whitening the subjects eyes, it really makes them pop with out drawing so much attention to them as to make me just look at the picture and think that there is something wrong and also removing blemishes, i think that you did it just the right amount and didnt take it too far and start taking out things that would be really obvious or awkward to remove. The color match was a good idea too to take an overexposed photo and match it to kind of give it the same look as what the extra challenge edit we had in class does.