Monday, February 25, 2013

New Image - Seek the Unseen

The story behind this image is beautiful to me. For those who are curious as to how I take the photos I do, I'll let you in on the most important part of my workflow. Prayer!
Before I shoot, I always ask God for the things I desire. In this case, I asked for 1 solid image I could take that night that I could add to my portfolio. I shot with good friend Jason Lucas for at least an hour facing the milky way (as we had previously planned) while it hovered over a patch of trees at the Sand Dunes near Rexburg, ID. For nearly an hour I kept getting a nudge internally that I need to turn 180 degrees around and shoot at the darkness. I refused. There was nooothing there! Just...sand. I felt there was no subject matter and thus no point to shoot that way. But my conscious couldn't last an hour of nagging. I reluctantly pointed my camera towards the nothingness, and shot off a 15 min exposure. While waiting I decided, what the heck I'll take 2 more 15 min exposures to create a solid 45 min exposure. To my great surprise, the last 3 mins of the final exposure, the moon started to rise! I couldn't believe it! I was so upset! I knew it had to of ruined my image of the star trails...I decided I would just combine the first 2 exposures to make a 30 min star trail image. But when I got home and on a whim combined all 3 images, I was floored to say the least. I couldn't believe what I saw! I then realized, THAT was my answer to prayer. That, was the 1 image I was going to add to my portfolio.
On a symbolic note, the picture teaches the concept of seeking Christ. Acting in faith. Seeking those things in your life you feel internally that you should, maybe even get nudged about. This is my image to say, FOLLOW THE NUUUDGE! haha. It's now evident to me more than ever what will happen if you do.

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  1. BEAUTIFUL! Looks like a dream, you have an amazing ability to capture what's right in front of us but unseen, thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow David! That's an amazingly breath taking photo. I absolutely love it! You truly have a wonderful talent and GREAT eye. I love your work!