Monday, January 21, 2013

My First Photo Website is finally done!

Well, after months of traveling, shooting tons of pictures, living out of my car for the summer, and editing the pictures, I have finally created a website to showcase my photography as well as be able to purchase them if you so please. This has been a big goal of mine for over a year and I'm excited to finally get it done! I'll be posting on this blog often, showcasing one of my pictures and sharing a 'behind the scenes' kind of look about the picture. If you have any requests as to which picture to start with, just tell me in the comments below! I'll share my technical insight as to how I shot it, my settings/equipment if you'd like, but I really plan on just expounding on the journey I took to be able and capture each image. Hope you enjoy! I look forward to sharing my experiences and stories with you soon :) But first, I'm gonna go take a 3 day retreat of just breathing, taking in nature, and shooting some time lapses.

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