Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Journey

The purpose of this video is to give the viewer an abstract concept of life and existence, then as the viewer, depending on where you are in your life, can interpret what the video means to you. I could tell you why I put every shot the way I did, but that would close off your mind to the interpretation that's most applicable to you.
This video is an expansion of my true spiritual belief. It's a personal narrative if you will. Thus the reason for the abstract nature of the video is so you can form your own connection to life and the concept thereof.
One of the main concepts is doorways. The doorways we take can either lead to darkness or light, but it's our choice which doors we enter, and exit.
Another concept is that of being reborn, given a second chance, having wrongs made right.
As a little hint, during the middle of the video I talk about a "girl." Well, just think of the girl more as a concept, a weakness or situation perhaps, rather than a might make a little more sense that way. :)
Music By: Youth Lagoon, Song Title "17"

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  1. David! You are super talented, I can't wait to see how the Business video will turn out, although I know that since it's for a client they have restricted your creativity but it'll be great either way. P.S. I totally know the girl in your video, Katie, she's from my stake back home. Keep up the good work!

    Kaiti Moss