Monday, May 30, 2011

Palisades Reservoir/Dam/lake (which ever you choose)

So off I went on another spontaneous photo adventure this last Saturday. This time I ended up an hour from home at the Palisades Dam. I ended up finding a private road that led 3 miles up a mtn and when I reach the top: 1. I was freakin scared b/c the road had no guard rails and was too skinny for a truck to drive on (thankfully I had my car) 2. I was slightly paranoid about the 15 or so "No Tresspassing: You WILL be prosecuted" signs I drove past to get to the top of the mtn. But I just pretended like I didn't see them. 3. I didn't care about 1. or 2. b/c the view was so Zen, and so sweet! So here are some pics from the trip!

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